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Recorded Ledgerstones

Great Cheverell, St Peter : Ledgerstone 10

The large stone slab lies in the chancel facing East to West. A lozenge shaped tile encroaches upon the top right hand corner and obliterates some of the inscription. The right hand side and lower portion of the slab is badly worn, and hard to decipher. The inscription is incised in roman caps and l/c with some long s and archaic spelling, and the first part is in latin; also the last two lines.
Phillips has been relied upon for some missing words [ ]

Black slate


199 x 95 cm

P • M • S •
Revdi Nathanielis Shute S.T.[P]
Hujus Ecclesiæ Rectoris, Sari=
=sburiensis Praebendorij : Pater ·
Avus, Proavus,Ordini Saccerdo=
=tali Decora abavus equestri
nominee Christophorus patria
Eboraciencis provinciam ille
suam per annos 31 summa,
fide gessit, pietate ornavit
mercedem dein. accepturus,
Obijt Feb. 29. A . D . 1711, Æt 64.

Here alsoe lyeth ye body of
Joan Shute, ye Relic[t of Mr. Nathaniel Shute,]
who departed this life
ye 14th of July, Ao Dni [1715]
Etat. fuae 55.

Here lyes ye Body of Martha
Ye Onely Daughtr of N. SHVTE
RECT R & IOAN his wife whose
towardly disposition to Piety
& vertue rendered her very
dear to her parents
ob Apr .12 o A.D.
Ob. Apr. 12th A.D.1709, & Æt. 12.
Non refert quam dia ….??.
vixeris, Sed quam bene

[Translations] (First paragraph) Sacred to the pious memory of Revd. Nathaniel Shute, Rector of this church, Prebend of Salisbury. His father grandfather and great grandfather were ornaments to the priestly order and his great great grandfather Christopher, to the rank of knights. He served the province of York in his native land with great faithfulness as he (i.e.N.S.) served his and adorned it with his piety. In the end he died destined to receive his reward February 29th AD 1711 aged 64.
(last two lines) It does not matter how long you have lived but how well.

Great Cheverell, St Peter : Ledgerstone 11

This large stone slab has a wavy line inscribed above the inscription which is in roman caps and l/c. The upper right hand side of the slab is worn and therefore does not show the blackened lettering which starts at “Fellow”. There is a thin black line at the bottom of the inscription and the lower half has no inscription. The numbers 1 and 7 are written as letters. The lozenge shaped tile, as for 010, encroaches upon the left top of the slab.



182 x 91 cm

Here lieth the Body of the Rev.d
Fellow of CORPUS XTI College,
Who died Aug.. 23d, 1734
Aged 37.