What are we planning to do?


The Ledgerstone Survey of England and Wales (LSEW) aims to record all the ledgerstones of England and Wales. Dr Julian Litten, the founder Chairman of LSEW, has developed a template for methodically recording ledgers and this has been tested by the Church Recorders of the Church Recording Society. LSEW is keen to engage as many volunteers as possible to record ledgers before more disappear and to develop educational resources to enable anyone interested in their local ancestors, in letter cutting or the beauty of these stones, to access ledgers. 

The outcome of the Scheme will be a database of the ledgers in the churches recorded, capable of being interrogated with basic key words which will be made fully accessible. It is also planned to determine an efficient means of electronically registering the data on site, without the need for intermediary paperwork. The use of a variety of volunteers will also establish valuable information for establishing regional surveys elsewhere in the country. The Church Recording Society, as well as the Church Monuments Society, are enthusiastic partners in this Scheme. Church Recording Society continues to record ledgerstones in their Records. See its website which can be found using the link. The Scheme is used by Duke of Edinburgh candidates for either Skills or Service sections; and is suitable for the Scouts local History badge. Church Recording Society became the manager of the Scheme in April 2021