Ledgerstones. Old Hunstanton 1. Chancel no carpet. Alison WM.

In 1865 the architect Frederick Preedy restored the chancel at St Mary’s, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk. Part of this work included re-tiling the floor using black tiles to compliment the ledgerstones, but it was all subseqently hidden from view in c.2010 when a decision was taken to carpet the chancel. A recent recording of the church’s contents by the Arts Society in 2017-18 alerted the churchwardens to the elegance of the ledgerstones who decided that the carpeting should be permanently removed and the ledgers polished and left exposed. This treatment is to be welcomed and, in congratulating Old Hunstanton for their boldness, the LSEW would encourage as many churches as possible to consider the removal of all carpeting so as to expose these beautiful memorial slabs.

Photo: Alison Wakes-Miller

St Mary, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk (Ledgerstone of the Month – July 2018)