St Dunstan with Holy Cross, St Dunstan

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Church of England

CANTERBURY St Dunstan with Holy Cross



TR142 583

Sue Palmer
80 London Rd

Recorded Ledgerstones

St Dunstan with Holy Cross, St Dunstan : Ledgerstone 1

a) Rectangular
b) South/north. Top of text to south
c) Lettering central; no other decoration
d) Incised Roman lettering; surname in capitals
e) None
f) Very good. Surface is pitted, & with superficial scratches. No cracks. Slight nibbling on LH edge. Very little wear to lettering

Black polished stone


460mm x 38mm
18″ x 15″ (w x d)


Mrs Mostyn appears in the Burial Register as ‘Hon. Mary Catherine Mostyn, St Dunstan’s’


Hon.ble / Mrs MOSTYN / died 31 May 1814 / aged 70

Above the ’31’ is a random lower case letter similar to an ‘n’, possibly instead of ‘st’ after ’31’?
Mrs Mostyn was buried on June 4th, 1814

St Dunstan with Holy Cross, St Dunstan : Ledgerstone 2

a) Rectangular
b) South/North (top of text to south)
c) Text Central. Text only
d) Roman incised lettering
e) None
f) Good to fair. Text legible and edges good; superficial scratches and some surface pitting. Two large cracks to west side of stone

Black polished stone


445mm (w) x 635mm (d)
17.5″ x 25″


Charles Webb and Sarah Webb. There is a wall monument to them on the north side of a pillar in the chancel. ‘Near this place are deposited the remains of Lieut. Col Charles Webb, formerly of St Thomas’s Hill in this parish, who departed this life on the 11th day of June 1786, aged 68 years. Also of Sarah Webb, relict of the above, many years a respectable and truly exemplary inhabitant of this parish, who departed this life the 16th of May 1811, aged 84 years’


C.W. June 1786
S.W. May 1811

The ‘th’ are above the date numerals, not following them

St Dunstan with Holy Cross, St Dunstan : Ledgerstone 3

a) Rectangular
b) West/east
c) Central. Text only (as far as we know)
d) Roman incised lettering (where visible)
e) None
f) Poor to very poor. Most of this stone is under the raised floor of the vestry. Most of the visible inscription is worn away. Large crack angled across the lower section in a SW/NE direction. Dirty & pitted.



790mm (w)
31″ (w)
Visible section 560mm / 22″ deep


Sister of Sarah Spencer & wife of Thomas Tilbe, stone 014


Here under lieth the body of / Mary, the wife of Thomas TILBE / of this parish, brewer, (and / daughter of Hudson Spencer, / brewer, deceased. She died / the 23rd day of Oct. 1762 / aged 61 years / She had issue by her husband / six children of whom / only one survived her, / viz. Spencer TILBE

Recorded by the Kent Family History Society in 1982, who note that they got it from Parsons.
The line break is actually after ‘whom only’ as this, along with ‘d her’ on the next line, are the only words still visible