Brandiston, St Nicholas

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Church of England



TG 141 214




Recorded Ledgerstones

Brandiston, St Nicholas : Ledgerstone 1

Rectangular brass plaque set in centre of a square stone
Gothic caps and lower case
Stone good condition; brass fair

Brass, stone


Stone = 18 x 17¾ inches
458 x 450 mm
Brass = 9 x 3 inches
230 x 75 mm

Here lieth Richard Fitz Thomas who departed in
his tender age of xviiJth day of December the
year Mdcccxiv on whose soul God hath mercy

Brandiston, St Nicholas : Ledgerstone 2

Rectangular brass plaque set in a square stone
Aligned West to east
Gothic lettering with a Patée formée cross at the end of the inscription
Condition: brass fair, stone very cracked

Brass, stone


Stone = 18 x 18 inches
406 x 404 mm
Brass = 2 1/2 x 9 1/4 inches
63 x 235 mm

Here lieth Alice Jane Thomas who departed on the Xixth day of August in the year Mdccclii
aged 11 years on whose soul God hath mercy+

(The Xix could be Fir – see photo)